Using checkval for Call Routing with Sippy B2BUA

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Thu Jan 8 20:21:26 CET 2009

>>> If i have only one Called-Station-Id in the check pairs line, i get the
>>> Access-Accept with the reply data.
>>> But since one route can have a lot of numbers i need to be able to have
>>> several Called-Station-Id Entrys. From the description of the checkval
>>> attribute it appeared to me the correct solution.
>>   2.1.3 has expanded capabilities that make this configuration much easier.
>Can you please, give me a pointer to this "expanded capabilties"? I have studied 
>the Wiki for freeswitch for a solution how to implement the configuration i have 
>in mind, and all i have found was the solution with checkval.

You don't want checkwal, you want huntgroups. In 2.x huntgroups can be
implemented with unlang/sql and not use huntgroups file.

Example is for NAS-IP-Address - adapt it for Called-Station-Id.

Ivan Kalik
Kalik Informatika ISP

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