Regular expressions on module 'files' (possible bug?)

Alexander Clouter alex at
Sat Jan 10 22:00:05 CET 2009

Flamur Rogova <flamur at> wrote:
> On 'users' file I have this entry;
> b2      User-Password := "b2", Calling-Station-ID =~ "(00:10:B5:7A:13:BD)", Expiration := "28 Feb 2009 23:00:00"
Should this not be:
b2	Calling-Station-Id = 00:10:B5:7A:13:B, Cleartext-Password := b2
	Expiration := "28 ..."

No need for regexp, however your issue I think is more:
 1. User-Password -> Cleartext-Password
 2. the format of the users file I am pretty sure us meant to be:
USER	test1, test2, ...., thing-to-do

I have a feeling you hit a problem if you mix about the order of the 
testing and the action....I could be wrong though.



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