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Mon Jan 12 01:41:27 CET 2009

Hi Ivan,

thanks for your response. Unfortunately your response cut over with my
response to a previous mail list contributor. I had made some progress with
unlang and described my progress in there. I have run against a wall though,
when I discovered that I cannot perform any unlang actions after the
rlm_sql_counter module issued a reject. Freeradius seems to stop any
processing of further modules within the authorisation section, once a
reject occurs within rlm_sqlcounter.

I had attached debugging and code extracts in the other response. I won't
tire you with repetition.

 Unless I can get freeradius to process the steps in authorize AFTER a
reject is issued by rlm_sqlcounter, I cannot see how the suggested solutions
for issues 1 and 3 can work.

Any idea how to resolve the issue described above?

Thanks for the suggestion for issue 2.



Subject: Re: SQLCounter configuration
>1)      After the time or data volume for a period (say a month) is reached
>the user is automatically disconnected - as expected. Rather them not
>allowing to log in , I would like freeradius to return some other
>(WISPr-Bandwidth-Max-Up and WISPr-Bandwidth-Max-Down work fine with
>ChilliSpot) to be sent to the router for the user, so that a connection is
>still possible, but at a much lower maximum speed. Can that be done, and if
>so, can someone give me a pointer. I was thinking maybe using unlang, but I
>may be barking up the wrong tree.

Create a  sql group called slow that enforces those limits. Add the user
to that group (with low priority) with unlang (on authentication) or
perl sript (on accounting stop packet). Important - remove slow group
entries when counter resets.

>2)      The   reset = monthly   method seem to the first of the current
>month. That is one way of doing it, but I would like the reset to occur at
>the same date in the month every month. So if someone signs up, say on the
>12th of a month, the reset will occur every month on the 12th. Can that be
>done with freeradius?
Yes. Queries are configurable. Don't use %b. Calculate start the way you
see fit.

>3)      Currently I receive something like   Reply-Message = "Your maximum
>never usage time has been reached"   when the counter reaches its limit -
>even when what was counted as not time but data volume. Can Reply-Message
>for sqlcounter be configured as in the expiration module?

No. But you can sort out the reply with unlang.

Ivan Kalik
Kalik Informatika ISP
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