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Mon Jan 12 12:42:12 CET 2009

Hm, I dug up this:


and I can't find that statement in there. I would assume that "zero
fill" an ASCII string would mean fill with ASCII zeros, not nulls
(ASCII code zero).

Ivan Kalik
Kalik Informatika ISP

Dana 12/1/2009, "Alan DeKok" <aland at deployingradius.com> piše:

>lamersons wrote:
>> Thank you very much, changing it to octets gave me nice ascii look of esn.
>> Vendor is Huawei.
>  OK.
>> to official letter to huawei i got this answer listed below.
>> ----------
>> Good day,
>>             I would like to inform that our BSC sends ESN according the
>> 3GPP2 “Interoperability Specification (IOS) for cdma2000 Access Network
>> Interfaces — Part 7 (A10 and A11 Interfaces)” (see bellow) BSC sending the
>> ESN refer to the protocol, if the ESN number digit less than 15, should use
>> 0 to fill (8-bit ASCII “0” symbol is /0). 
>> According our analyses, your AAA server does not follow the 3GPP2
>> specification.
>  Hmm...  For one, the 3GPP2 documentation appears to disagree with
>itself.  The ESN is clearly stated to be ASCII, as I pointed out.
>Having *another* document state that it contains NUL bytes is just weird.
>  Oh well.
>  I'll go change the dictionaries to say that the data type for ESN is
>"octets".  Then, other people will complain that they don't see the
>ASCII text.  <sigh>
>  And did they respond on the Acct-Session-Id issue?  Their NAS is
>clearly violating the specifications...
>  Alan DeKok.
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