Limit access of a SSID to a certain LDAP group

Damjan gdamjan at
Thu Jan 15 00:44:12 CET 2009

> >I need to have different WLANs for different Users who are in LDAP
> >groups.
> >The user of group A should be able to use WLAN A but not WLAN B and so
> >on.
> >
> >How on earth do I configure this?
> Where is SSID in the request? Called-Station-Id? NAS-Identifier?
> DEFAULT   Ldap-Group == whatever, regex check on the attribute which
> holds SSID
> DEFAULT   Ldap-Group == another, same for second SSID
> etc.
> DEFAULT   Auth-Type := Reject (force reject on those that don't match)

I have a similar situation except that I want to authorize users from 
one SSID with ActiveDirectory, and from the other SSID with a local

How would I do that?

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