Static Proxy Accounting

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Mon Jan 19 11:52:47 CET 2009

Thank you very much!
After short analisys I decided to use the configuration explained into the "copy-acct-to-home-server" file.
I configured a virtual server polling on the detail file (I set the creation of one single detail file for every client connected) in order to ONLY forwards all the incoming accounting packets.
Anyone knows if using this kind of configuration any loss of performance is produced?
Thank you again for you attention.

Francesco Toro.

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Francesco Toro XB wrote:
> I guess if it's possible to set FreeRadius to statically forward 
> accounting request ( only Start, Stop and Interim ) still acting as 
> Master Server,

  Please don't use terms like "statically forward".

> i.e. without waiting for the Home Server respose before sending the 
> right response to the client (NAS).

  See raddb/sites-available/decoupled-accounting

  Alan DeKok.
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