How to add new attributes?

Fedotov Yuriy Fedotov14 at
Tue Jan 20 13:06:13 CET 2009

Hi. Does enebody can help me with some problem?
I wont add new attibute H323-setup-time to radus and get access.
When i added to radius.h file

#define PW_H323_SETUP_TIME 25

and rlm_example.c

VALUE_PAIR *state;

char *val;
state = pairfind(request->packet->vps, PW_H323_SETUP_TIME);
if (state) {
val = state->vp_strvalue;
DEBUG("\nPW_H323_SETUP_TIME = %s\n",val);
else printf("empty\n");

I allways received "empty" status

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