refresh Session-Timeout in Access-Accept

bLn pruebasradius at
Wed Jan 21 17:31:19 CET 2009

Hi everyone!

I have another problem with freeradius.
I´m working with freeradius-server-2.1.3 and mysql-5.0.

My problem is the next: I have a script, executed in exec module, that 
calculate the variable "Session-Timeout" for each user, and another 
different cases. Well, in the debug of freeradius I see that exec is 
executed after sql queries (radgroupreply in this case) and if I change 
Session-Timeout variable, in my script, and previously freeradius has 
read Session-timeout from the database when freeradius sends 
Access-Accept to the NAS the value of Session-Timeout is not the recent 
value if not the previous data saved in the field Session-Timeout before 
have executed the script

There are any way to refresh this value??? I've try to do a commit or 
flush without success. I guess, the value is stored in the cache and if 
there isn't any way I'm gonna try to change this value, through a 
trigger, in the moment of close the connection in radacct, for give an 

Thanks in advance


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