mysql fail over

Peter Ellens peter at
Thu Jan 22 00:04:02 CET 2009

Hi Alan

Would it be possible to implement time outs on the calls to the mysql


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Peter Ellens wrote:
> If I stop the first sql server service, freeradius starts to use the
> second sql server, as expected.
> But if I stop the entire first server (ie poweroff) freeradius still
> continues to try and use sql1, hanging...

  FreeRADIUS is at the mercy of the MySQL client libraries.  It asks
them to connect, and if they never return... there's little that the
server can do.

> Any ideas how to get it working correctly?

  I presume that there's some magic MySQL client setting, saying "don't
screw up this badly", but I don't know what it is.

> We would really like to be able to use a read/write master and read only
> slave, but it looks to me that the sqlippool needs to be writeable to
> mark the IP address as used and avoid duplicate IP allocation.


  Alan DeKok.
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