refresh Session-Timeout in Access-Accept

bLn pruebasradius at
Thu Jan 22 16:33:06 CET 2009

Marinko Tarlac escribió:
> Hi... Can you help me please.... How did you set-up exec module ? In 
> FR1.1.7 it is enough to add Exec in acct_users and to call script on 
> Start, Stop and Interim-Update packet but the same trick in fr 2.1.3 
> doesn't work (at least for me).
I really don't know because my script is very simple. It follows 
different roads (if-then-else) and executes queries in my database 
depends of the client.
I set up in exec module

exec {
    wait = yes
    program = "/usr/local/freeradius/etc/raddb/ %{User-Name}"
    input_pairs = request
    shell_escape = yes
    output = reply


PS: Thanks Ivan, I can't put my debug now but thanks anyway. I'll put it 
as soon as possible.

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