two auth on one freeradius

Hegedus Gabor hegedus.gabor at
Sun Jan 25 15:51:32 CET 2009

Hi, all!
I have a question for you.

I have a freeradius server (newest) on ubuntu.

Now we use it for authentication:
- request comes form the NAS
- with LDAP modul, check the username and password, and in the post auth section
we have 2 script(external prg) one for good login auth., and one in the auth
fail section (bad login).

it works and nothing fail.


we want 802.1x auth on lan with this freeradius:
- request comes from another NAS (AP)
- in the radius we use LDAP modul what is check the username and pass in the
same ldap(but not in the same subtree).
- we want use eap-ttls, peap... (without certificate).
- if it is good simply accept the request no more script.

how can i set this two soutions to my (the one)freeradius?
how can i do 2 query (what is not same) with ldap module.
or sort the request (which nas sent)...
everithing interest me.

what is the good solution?

Thank you, Gabor.

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