fast reauthentification EAP-TTLS and vlan assignment

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tnt at a écrit :
>> I'm trying to use vlan assignment under EAP-TTLS authentification. It 
>> works.
>> Furthermore, when reauth is needed by the Cisco AP (after 300 seconds), 
>> my supplicant NetworkManager under Fedora 9 tells fast 
>> reauthentification.
> It probably doesn't send the same username. But without the debug ...
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It was an issue on the Cisco AP. It's not possible to enable both mbssid 
and vlan assignment. When I tried, the NAS send an EAP Service type 
equal to Login-User when supplicant asked fast reauth.
Now, I'm trying with a single ssid. The NAS (Cisco AP) sends an EAP 
Service type equal to Authenticate-Only and keeps the vlan setting when 
supplicant asks for reauth.


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