IP-Assignment with sqlippool based on nas-ip-address

Sebastian Heil s3b0 at gmx.de
Tue Jan 27 14:19:32 CET 2009


we are using freeradius 2.1.1 on suse linux enterprise server 10.

We have different Network Access Servers, which are located in different locations. The users, which login to this NAS, will be assigned an ip-address by the sqlippool-module.

I read a lot of the documentation and tried a lot of different things, but i don't know, how to configure the sqlippool-module to assign an ipaddress based on the nas, on the which the users logs in. 

So for example, if the users logs in on nas1, he will get an ip out of the pool -, if he logs in on nas2, he will get an ip out of the pool -

The authentication information and the ippoolinformation will be stored in mysql.

Can you give me an example where i have to configure this?


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