[ Re: eap-ttls failing]

Josh Hiner josh at remc1.org
Tue Jan 27 21:29:16 CET 2009

tnt at kalik.net wrote:
>>>> Ok, made new client cert and now it shows valid and displays "Provides
>>>> your identity to a remote Computer" as the intended purpose and on the
>>>> Details tab displays the correct info etc... The Certification Path
>>>> displays valid. 
> But "windows was unable to find a certificate to log you on ...."
> ..
>> [1180] 13:42:16:415: ElWZCCfgUpdateSettings: Error in RegOpenKeyEx for
>> base key, 2
>> [1180] 13:42:16:415: ElWZCCfgChangeHandler: ElWZCCfgUpdateSettings HKCU
>> failed with error (2)
> which you say is rubbish. Did you install .p12 version of client
> certificate?
> Ivan Kalik
> Kalik Informatika ISP
> -
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Yes the cert is there, does report the correct oid etc.. etc.. Attached 
is the client certificate I am using. I even went into the configuration 
and made it so XP asks me to select my certificate manually. I select 
the certificate manually and it still gives the same error as above 
(Error in RegOpenKeyEx for base key, 2) etc.. Maybe there is still a 
problem with the certificate but it all looks fine to me. Can you peak 
at the cert for me? This is happening on all machines so there must be a 
problem with it? When I install the cert it asks me for the cert 
password which I type in (I use the password I put in the client.cnf 
file). There should be an input and output password in client.cnf 
correct? I'm at a loss.

Thanks -Josh

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