sql insert via unlang

Evgeniy Kozhuhovskiy ugenk at mgts.by
Wed Jan 28 10:32:00 CET 2009

Anton Borisov wrote:

Also may be try to do commit, or check that autocommit is set.

> I try to add prepaid system to my equipment.
> In this case when quota is reached, equipment sends Access-Request with 
> quota comsumed and I need to store this data in sql. But. Unfortunately, 
> I must think about how many on-line customers send quota to sql in same 
> time. Yes, I can write perl script with sql insert and update and 
> freeradius will execute this one every time for quota data. But, I think 
> this is not for system with many customers.
> Do you mean Exec-programm perl? If you are talking about something else, 
> please, give me some examples...
> Sorry for my language.
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