Access based on eDirectory and Accounting

Martin Potgieter martin at
Fri Jan 30 10:00:43 CET 2009

Hello list,
I am looking for a solution that will allow a captive portal to  
authenticate against eDirectory but also check the accounting database  
to ensure a user has not exceeded their bandwidth allocation. I would  
prefer not to import the eDirectory users into a SQL database but  
rather keep the actual users in eDirectory but I am not sure if  
Freeradius can authenticate off of eDirectory and also check  
accounting information in a SQL db before allowing access. I have used  
a pure SQL backend and it worked great but need advise on the above.

Can anyone tell me if this would require source hacking or if this is  
a straight forward configuration. And if anyone knows of a web  
management front end for Freeradius besides the following that I have  
already looked at, that would be great: Dialup Admin, ARA and Radius  
Manager. Commercial solutions aswell.



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