Freeradius+MySQL auth for PPTP (MSCHAP V2) failing

Ajitabh Pandey ajitabhpandey at
Sat Jul 4 15:09:56 CEST 2009

2009/7/4 Ivan Kalik <tnt at>:
> Your user entries have disabled all authentication protocols (chap,
> mschap,eap,...) apart from pap. Delete Auth-Type entry and use password
> encryption (if any) compatible with the protocol you want to use.

Thanks Ivan, that was helpful. I deleted the record, but when that
also did not solved the problem. Even putting the plain text password
in the mysql table did not help. So I looked at the authorise and
authenticate sections again and realised that mschap lines were
missing. Adding that fixed the issue. I have tested, at my end and no
other change was required (even the encrypted password in mysql

If any of you can recommend a good in-depth book on freeradius then it
would be great.

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