wpa2-psk and radiusd possible?

Stefan Winter stefan.winter at restena.lu
Fri Jul 17 08:03:19 CEST 2009


> Can you please provide some keywords or maybe links for that? Seems that
> i use wrong seach terms, because i found nothing real usable. Thanks!



(it applies to 802.1X setups in general, not exclusively eduroam)

Chapter 3.2.7 is a HOWTO for pre-configuring the supplicant SecureW2.
Might be a bit outdated, please sync the .ini file's config options with
the current SecureW2 manual.

Appendix C.3 is for the iPhone (superb example of an importable config
profile that makes it work for your users really easy)

Appendix C.5 is for Intel PRO/Wireless supplicant.

The document doesn't cover netsh installers for Windows Vista and 7, but
searching for "netsh wlan profile" should take you places.

If the above document actually helped you: time for joy and happiness;
it was payed by your tax money, so now finally, the system gives
something back to you :-)


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