Slow "update radacct ..." query

Marinko Tarlac mangia81 at
Mon Jun 1 16:35:09 CEST 2009


I know that this maybe is not FreeRadius related question...

I have some problems with freeradius and mysql as a database. radacct table
is InnoDB and update queries (interim-updates) are terrible slow (10 - 50
sec). Interim-updates are triggered every 8 minutes so it isn't under heavy
load. (max 500 users online @ same time)

After I wrote a small benchmark script for testing this kind of queries (10
000 queries "UPDATE radacct SET ... "  with random integer values for
acctinputoctets and acctoutputoctets) I can't reproduce this problem. My
script takes 10 000 random rows from radacct table (table has almost 600 000
rows) and it is finished in 130-180 seconds (executed 5 times and all
results are between 130 and 180 seconds). That means 0,013-0,018s/query

Slow query log is empty after this benchm. script. I checked radacct table
later and I have exaclty 10 000 updated rows so the script is OK.

Any ideas how to trace this problem ?

FreeRadius is 2.1.6 and the same problem I had with FR1.1.7 and FR2.1.3
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