Duplicate SQL records versus unique constraints

Arran Cudbard-Bell A.Cudbard-Bell at sussex.ac.uk
Wed Jun 3 17:47:06 CEST 2009

> Thanks a bundle for that, I was about to whack my head against the screen
> here and type "man unlang". ;)
>> If you're still getting duplicates, check that the NAS is actually
>> sending the value of the Class attribute. Vendors are notoriously bad
>> for ignoring the RFC in this area.
> Yeah, never mind that we are talking to proxy servers upstream which in
> turn may talk to other proxy servers (nobody knows) which ultimately talk
> to the NAS (BRAS) in question.

You might have more luck concatenating the random string with the User-Name
and sending that in the Access-Accept. Then stripping it out again when you
receive accounting requests.

post-auth {
	update reply {
		User-Name := "%{User-Name}:%{Acct-Unique-ID}"


preacct {
	if(User-Name =~ /([^:]+)(:([[:alnum:]]*))?/){
		update request {
			Acct-Session-ID := "%{Acct-Session-ID}%{3}"
			User-Name := "%{1}"

It's a more commonly used feature so is more likely to work :)

> I have seen those quickly recycled Acct-Session-Id's only with one
> location it seems, other people with twice the connects never had their
> IDs re-used in the same sample period. So my bet is that this particular
> NAS will also happily ignore the Class attribute. ^o^

Yey for standards *sigh*.

> But nevertheless, a very useful configuration snippet that would do well
> in a future sample configuration.

Thanks, i'll poke Alan and see if he wants to include it. It'd be nice to have a generic
hashing module for string expansions and not have to do some much unlang hackyness,
useful for CUI too.

> Thanks again for the quick and comprehensive response

No problem. Best of luck !


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