WiMAX Proxy Authentication with PMIP

Kiran Kumar k.k.balasubramanyam at ftel.co.uk
Thu Jun 4 15:25:09 CEST 2009

Hi All,


I am trying to test proxy Authentication (Auth Request proxied from Home AAA to Free Radius). Only the authentication is done at the Freeradius and the authorization of the user is done at the H-AAA and in this case I am using PMIP for the Subscriber.


My question here is should the HA-RK-Key, HA-RK-SPI, MN-HA-MIP4-Key, MN-HA-MIP4-SPI be sent from the Freeradius, is so how can I include these attributes in Access-Accept? And if I send these values will the Freeradius be able to process and accept the 2nd Access-Request that comes from HA.


Currently I am sending these values from the H-AAA, but when the HA Radius Access-Request is proxied to free radius it fails. And I suspect the reason is because I am generating the keys at H-AAA and not at Freeradius.


Thanks and Regards,

Kiran Kumar.B

WiMAX Test Engineer




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