dealing with 'corrupt' detail file

A.L.M.Buxey at A.L.M.Buxey at
Thu Jun 4 21:22:21 CEST 2009


>   Easy.  The accounting section has to be told "it's OK to continue":


>   Or maybe better:
> 	sql
> 	if (noop || invalid) {
> 		ok
> 	}

doesnt appear to work...what happens is this..

okay detail packet

rlm_sql (sql): Released sql socket id: 6
++[sql] returns ok
++? if (noop || invalid)
? Evaluating (noop ) -> FALSE
? Evaluating (invalid) -> FALSE
++? if (noop || invalid) -> FALSE
} # server buffered-sql
Finished request 64.
Cleaning up request 64 ID 32577 with timestamp +3
Going to the next request

bad packet with no Acct-Status-Type

[sql] packet has no accounting status type. [user 'XXX\User', nas '']
++[sql] returns invalid
} # server buffered-sql
Finished request 65.
Cleaning up request 65 ID 21840 with timestamp +3
Going to the next request you can see, the bit of unlang asking for the return code doesnt
seem to be called at all (unlike the successful packet) and therefore
the duff packet stays in the detail file keep the detail
instance clogged up.


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