Question on proxying requests

Josh Hiner josh at
Sun Jun 7 03:36:08 CEST 2009

Have a question on proxying requests in Freeradius. I know how to proxy 
requests to other radius servers via the proxy.conf based on domain 
etc.. I would like to have one radius server and authenticate off 
multiple domain controllers based on domain using ntlm_auth. Right now I 
see that you can only configure ntlm_auth in the mschapv2 module in 
/etc/raddb/modules. This works fine for one domain. But if a user from 
domain ISD wants to authenticate on our wireless, I want the radius 
server to authenticate on the ISD file server (its a samba server). If 
the user is in the HTN domain I would like the radius server to 
authenticate off the HTN domain controller.

Or maybe ntlm_auth isnt the way to do this? Maybe I'm looking at this 
the wrong way? Any ideas to get this to work or any other better ideas?



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