Robust proxy accounting

Chris Howley C.P.Howley at
Tue Jun 9 14:33:28 CEST 2009


I hoping you can help me. We're currently testing FR2.1.6 and robust proxy accounting.
We have two servers running FR2.1.6. When both servers are operational the relaying of
accounting packets works. However, when one of the servers is down the other operational
server fails to retain the accounting data. The software deletes the file
and any other detail files stored in the listener's sub-directory. Looking at the debug
output the only thing that's different after the last time that the file is
accessed is shown below.

A copy of the debug output is available at:


Chris Howley

>>> Sending proxied request internally to virtual server.
server {
+- entering group accounting {...}
[] Suppressing writes to detail file as the request was just read from a detail file.
++[] returns noop
} # server
Going to the next request
<<< Received proxied response from internal virtual server.

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