Freeradius and Alvarion

Ivan Kalik tnt at
Fri Jun 12 13:08:49 CEST 2009

> I got the below info from some guys who support Alvarion Wimax and they
> say
> all is ready on the Alverion staff only left with changes on the radius
> server. I have to have the string below ready(still don't know how to come
> up with such a string).

There is nothing to change on the radius server. Pap works by default.

> Pointers from alvarion guys
> .........................................................................
> "With regards to the VSA's (vendor specific attributes) that the base
> station requires is as follows:
> n=Service_name:v=<VLAN_list>:h=ON/OFF:a=<OFF/ON,VLAN_ID>:c=ON/OFF
> n=Service_name                    (Servive profile created on the BS)
> :v=<VLAN_list>                    (list of VLANS allowed on this link
> blank
> if untagged)
> :h=ON/OFF                           (Hybrid mode on or off)
> :a=<OFF/ON,VLAN_ID>    ( Access VLAN on or off and if on the VLAN ID
> :c=ON/OFF                            ( VLAN Classification Mode on or off)
> The string needs to be sent as one continuous string as in the example
> above."

You need to make an entry like this in users file:

mac-add-ress     Cleartext-Password := "mac-add-ress"
                 That-Alvarion-VSA = "that_string"

*You* will have to come up with the string. We can't make it up for you.
There is nothing misterious in their instructions - you should know answer
to all of these (do you want features on or off, what VLAN is/are to be
used, if any, ...).

Ivan Kalik
Kalik Informatika ISP

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