Migrate users file to mysql?

michel at casa.co.cu michel at casa.co.cu
Sun Jun 14 22:25:15 CEST 2009

Hi Ivan

The only difference between a NAS1 and NAS2 is because the first NAS1  
have installed a module that allows digital modems set the user's  
account to a phone number, while the NAS2 has a module with analog  
modems that do not allow this.

Equally be used both for serving Dialin.

I removed the setting Auth-Type from the beginning.

Now, if you look though the difference for this user when you connect  
both NAS, they assigned different IP that are not in the same block.  
besides that one checks the telephone number from which you are  
connected, the other by the type of technology.

My question is how could accommodate all on one line, I mean to avoid  
having to repeat the same user twice with different parameters?

I think the state is more flexible configuration of my users in the  
users file for this type of scheme, I can not even see it in a mysql  
database. could show if possible, an example would be like mysql?

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