mysql errors when running freeradius

JamesWhetherly jameswhetherly at
Thu Jun 18 18:44:23 CEST 2009

Please note i am not wasting time as suggested or doing it just for *fun*.

I haven't deleted any thing from the sql.conf file, all i deleted was the
nas database like i said from mysql! The part about the nas table is still
there uncommented! I have only editing files with the suggested adjustments!
I used YaST to download and install which set up these files etc and im
using them all from default, any changes have been done following the wiki
sql page from the freeradius site or your suggestions. I used the default
confi and done the minimum changes and it didn't work, thats why i posted
here, for help. I haven't randomly gone into the conf file and done 'random'
changes. I have followed all your instructions, and if you look back you
will see its different problems each time. Not one problem i have had has
been the same one, just different ones relating to sql. I also stated that i
am a new user to linux. 

I will try leaving the nas table empty. Thanks
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