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Sajeewa Warnakulasuriya sajeewaw at
Mon Jun 22 09:22:54 CEST 2009

Hi Alan,

I already checked it and all i found was the below.

Variable  Description                 Proper Equivalent
     --------  -----------                 ----------------
      %a       Protocol (SLIP/PPP)         %{Framed-Protocol}
      %c       Callback-Number             %{Callback-Number}
      %d       request day (DD)
      %f       Framed IP address           %{Framed-IP-Address}
      %i       Calling Station ID          %{Calling-Station-Id}
      %l       request timestamp
      %m       request month (MM)
      %n       NAS IP address              %{NAS-IP-Address}
      %p       Port number                 %{NAS-Port}
      %s       Speed (PW_CONNECT_INFO)     %{Connect-Info}
      %t       request in ctime format
      %u       User name                   %{User-Name}
      %A       radacct_dir                 %{config:radacctdir}
      %C       clientname
      %D       request date (YYYYMMDD)
      %H       request hour
      %L       radlog_dir                  %{config:logdir}
      %M       MTU                         %{Framed-MTU}
      %R       radius_dir                  %{config:raddbdir}
      %S       request timestamp
                 in SQL format
      %T       request timestamp
                 in database format
      %U       Stripped User name          %{Stripped-User-Name}
      %V       Request-Authenticator
      %Y       request year (YYYY)
      %Z       All request attributes
                except password
                (must have a big buffer)

also man unlang didn't show me any hints either, unless I'm reading it 


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On Mon, 22 Jun 2009, Alan DeKok wrote:

> Sajeewa Warnakulasuriya wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I understand that variable %H is for request hour, I was wondering the
>> variable name for request minute?
>  doc/variables.txt
>  Alan DeKok.
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