FreeRADIUS as a general authentication system

Lloyd lloyd at
Mon Jun 22 11:14:15 CEST 2009

Hi FreeRADIUS list,

In our "system" there is a need for an authentication server. The required  
characteristics of the server are

*) The authentication client will be a custom built one. It may be running  
on *NIX,Windows and Mac. Is it possible to write a client using the  
FreeRADIUS client library? (The client will have much more other  
functionalities, not related to authentication)

*) Is it possible to extentd the server? As an example, in our case, each  
time a client wants to communicate with other clients, it will request a  
"session key" to the server, and the server will send the key to all  
clients which take part in the communication. (The aim of this is to  
encrypt the communication session with the new session key generated, so  
that only the clients who know the session key can decrypt the message)  
So, is it possible to introduce a key generation system as well as a  
"request interpretation" system to the FreeRADIUS server?

*) Or is there a better way inplemented in FreeRADIUS to accomplish the  
above requirements?

Thanks in advance,

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