multiple ippools configured for group of users.

jc jc at
Mon Jun 22 12:37:33 CEST 2009

hi guys,

ive gone through the documentation but dont seem to find this specific
answer and really one just want confirmation on a small matter relating to
assigning ips dynamically to my users.

can i have multiple pools linked to a single hunting group since my
hostmaster allocated me ranges that are scattered all over the place..

for instance..

DEFAULT Huntgroup-Name == speedy, Called-Station-Id == "", Auth-Type := Accept, Pool-Name := "speedy-pool1", Pool-Name := "speedy-pool2", Pool-Name := "speedy-pool3"

single pool works perfectly...

ive tried defining multiple ranges within a pool, but that doesnt work at
all; freeradius just takes the last range in the config..

appreciate the feedback.


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