rlm_python - Unresponsive child

Meyers, Dan d.meyers at lancaster.ac.uk
Mon Jun 22 18:46:44 CEST 2009

>  As I told - all working file in freeradius debug mode (with -X), I
>  have problems with productional threads pool mode.

I see the same issue with rlm_perl and my perl code. Works fine in
radiusd -X, or if perl is compiled to not use threads, but as soon as I
compile perl for threading and start trying to use CLONE I get all sorts
of issues with unresponsive children. When I used radclient to hammer
the hell out of my server the messages appeared for 10-15 seconds or so,
then went away. I theorised that radius was trying to hand off work to
radius/perl threads that hadn't been fully instantiated yet.

On the current live system (using an older version of FreeRadius - 2.0.3
- until we have another stable development version to move to) it
sometimes shows up and just never goes away until radiusd is restarted.
I never managed to nail down what the issue was. I did wonder if DBI or
DBD::Mysql was doing something funky in a threaded environment and
hanging on database access. You may be having similar issues?


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