Radius+Huwaei switch + auto VLan Assignment issue

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The domain configuration on our switch look like this : 
    [uac_quid002]dis domain uacdom
        The contents of Domain uacdom:
           State = Active
          RADIUS Scheme = uac_aaa
          Authentication : RADIUS Scheme = uac_aaa
          Access-limit = Disable
           Vlan-assignment-mode = Integer
          Domain User Template:
          Idle-cut = Disable
           Self-service = Disable
          Messenger Time = Disable
  So the Vlan-assignment-mode in the domain is Integer. But as the Access-Accept message return

Vlan ID in this format :

      Tunnel-Private-Group-Id:0 = "2"

   It seems we'd better set Vlan-assignment-mode to string.
   We'll get you informed.

   Thanks very much.

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>   Unfortunatly, the switch still not switching the port from VLAN 1 to VLAN 2. Maybe 
> there is other misconfigurations on our switch or another settings in radius configurations ?

it looks like theres another config you need to set on the switch port
to ensure the AAA server values are taken... check our documentation
for things like vlan-assignment-mode  (your switch probably uses
the VLAN name to tag things rather than its ID number!)

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