FreeRADIUS and syslog message changes

JR Mayberry mayberry at
Tue Jun 23 17:44:50 CEST 2009


OK - so I'm using an proxy setup and need better logging.
Sample messages
Jun 23 13:54:59 localhost radiusd[23703]: Login OK: [rmayberr] (from 
client port 1812)

Assuming that is coming from the clients file. Adding individual 
clients isn't an option.

I want this log to include the Client-IP-Address or NAS-IP-Address instead 
of the clients file entry.

I've tried other options like a perl module that looks at RADIUS 
attributes, but freeradius doesn't call post_proxy on an Access-Reject, so 
I can only log authentication accepts...

Ideas how to get this accomplished?


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