freeradius and mobile number portability (MNP)

Mauro Iorio - Smart Soft s.r.l. m.iorio at
Fri Jun 26 10:43:51 CEST 2009

Hi everybody,


I have to configure freeradius server in order to respond to mobile number
portability (MNP) query.

The client which will query my server is an MVTS softswitch, but I can't
interact with it until I develop at least a pseudo-running configuration
because it's a legacy installation owned by one of our customers.

I have read docs about MVTS but I got lost in the variety of attributes and
I was wondering if someone has experience with this problem.

Actually I'm looking for a sample query packet and a desired response, in
order to configure everything in the right way.


I will really appreciate any help, ideas, doc, sample code, whatever.




Mauro Iorio

Smart Soft s.r.l.


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