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Sebastian Wieseler s.wieseler at
Tue Jun 30 17:24:40 CEST 2009

Hello guys,

I've got a problem with the accounting of freeradius. The counter and sqlcounter are
made for scenarios where people'll get a number of hours and can take them where
ever they want to...

I would like to setup a scenario where people can login for 1/2/3/4/... days.
Let's say somebody is allowed to login for one day...then he shouldn't be able to
login half a day today and half a day tomorrow.
I would like to make "one day" absolute - to end at the end of day1.

Into "radcheck" I would like to write something like
Current-Time <= a value you set while creating the "ticket".
Let's suppose everything to be in Unix Time format...

I tried to write in the radius config in the modules part:

	sqlcounter maxlifetimecouter {
		counter-name = Max-End-Lifetime-Counter
		check-name = Current-Time
		sqlmod-inst = sql
		key = User-Name
		reset = never

But it didn't work out. To have got a cron job
that will delete expired accounts (like [1]) isn't
an option either...

Can you please help me? :-(


Kind Regards,

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