User-Name Attribute Lost When Reading Listener File

Fri May 1 14:46:38 CEST 2009


I just wanted to ask if you were able to reproduce this problem. If not, 
I can gather my configurations and debug files to send to you. I could 
also bring up a test server and provide you access if that would help.


Jim L.

Alan DeKok wrote:
> JDL wrote:
>> I have found a problem when FR reads back accounting data from the
>> listener server. It seems that the User-Name attribute is being lost
>> under certain circumstances. My guess is that it is related to the ":="
>> operator that is being user since the User-Name was rewritten by the
>> hints file prior to accounting.
>   The code that reads the "detail" file is the same as the code that
> reads the "users" file, and is used by "radclient".  All of which work
> with "=" or ":=".
>   I'm a little surprised at this, and I find it a little hard to see how
> this can happen.
>> I shut down FR and modified the User-Name operator on all of the
>> listener files to be "=" and it seems to work fine.
>   Well, that seems reproducible at least.  But I'm again a little
> surprised that it happens at all, and that no one has run into it before.
>   Alan DeKok.
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