checking authorization in the duration of connection

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Sun May 10 18:38:01 CEST 2009

Phew... thanks for relieving me.  Mikrotik does have their problems, indeed. 
With each new update, sometimes new bugs are added.  But, having used it for 
some time now, and extensively, we've had to learn how to adapt our 
requirements to Mikrotik's abilities.

The biggest benefit that we find is, it uses Linux's powerful iptables and 
related TCP / IP software, and provides a very nice GUI, which is easy to 
teach to my techies for monitoring / basic config.


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>> Sorry for barging into the thread, but something just caught my
>> attention. We use Mikrotik throughout our network, and have found them
>> quite useful and with the right hardware, it performs pretty well in
>> our setup.
>> But, there are guys in this forum who are quite frankly, way ahead
>> than myself in terms of both knowledge and experience. So, could you
>> please elaborate why you rate Mikrotik as dumb? Perhaps I am already
>> in trouble!
> And plenty other people find it buggy and quirky. It has claims to support
> many things which then turns out to be half-baked. But with realistic
> demands - it's great value for money.
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