NAS or supplicant, pam_radius or xsupplicant

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Tue May 12 11:20:58 CEST 2009

Hi All

I have  to install a FreeRADIUS to authenticate some users on network equipement (like a Catalyst cisco). I just want to authenticate users on the cisco switch, no vlan attribution ... So i conclude that I don't have to install/configure supplicant on my computer (windows XP), the computer I use to contact the switch via telnet/ssh. Could you confirm me that I'm right ?

I would like also to  authenticate users on UNIX servers. Also, I just need to authenticate the users on servers, So I conclude that I configure pam_radius on these servers and no install/configure xsupllicant. Servers are RADIUS client/NAS and no supplicant.

Of course I would like to have a safe communication beetween NAS and FreeRADIUS. Could you say me if I selected the good configuration, or if I am totally wrong. I read comments in files configuration and a lot of documentation on the web, but the case described are often with supplicant - NAS - FreeRADIUS, with Authentication on the supplicant for vlan attribution. I don't understand wery well when I have to install xsupplicant or pam_radius on my server UNIX, if my Server is a supplicant or a NAS.

Thanks for your help

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