how to limiting user bandwidth by quota..

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You can use a script that disconnect the user as soon as the user exceeds his limit. You should check for the bandwidth usage in the Input Octets and the Output Octets Fields

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> dear all..i'am using freeradius 1.1.7 on ubuntu 8.04, i do implementing
> sqlcounter like noresetcounter,dailycounter and montly counter and it
> works properly. but i now i have 1 case how to limiting user bandwidth
> usage with sqlcounter, i've read and learn how do sqlcounter work, but i
> still dont have idea how to make a query to limiting user bandwidth. 
> i have 1 user and i want to limit the bandwidth for this user 300mb in a
> to perform this..clue please..really apreciate for your help

Time counters work with Session-Timeout. There is no standard radius
attribute for data counters - you have to use vendor specific ones. If
your NAS vendor has data limiting attributes, then this can be done. If it
doesn't - it can't.

Ivan Kalik
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