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is it freeradius and freeradius-mysql ?

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> Hi folks,
> I have an Ubuntu server 8.04.2 LTS running (pretty bare bones). I
> installed freeradius and freeradius-sql from the repositories (MySQL
> 5, all dependiencies, etc). For configuration I followed the SQL HOWTO
> on the FreeRADIUS Wiki page. I am able to successfully use NTRadPing
> Test Utility against the radius server when configured to use SQL as
> the back end.
> I also followed the instructions on the Frontios website and a few
> other websites, and by searching this groups mail archive on how to
> configure accounting into SQL, but I'm not getting any accounting
> information.
> Running freeradius -X I see the queries going to the database for
> authentication, but I don't see any insert/select into statements
> indicating accounting information being written to the database.
> I have some basic questions to better understand accounting into SQL.
> 1. Using NTRadPING, should I get entries in my radacct table?
> 2. I have uncommented the sql_log, and all the detail log sections,
> and in the accounting section, and uncommented the sql in the
> accounting section. What other changed are required assuming that I am
> already successfully authenticating from the radcheck table?
> 3. Is there a more detailed how-to on the internet (I guess my
> google-foo is not as good as others) specifically on accounting in
> mysql?
> 3.b) ... sepecifically on MAC authentication?
> Thanks so much!
> Tim
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