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Fri May 15 09:33:59 CEST 2009

Ming-Ching Tiew wrote:
> From: Johan Meiring <jmeiring at>
>>> List info/subscribe/unsubscribe? See
>> I for one use it quite extensively, and it works very
>> well!
>> Without it you cannot safely allow dual logins.
>> (e.g. if a user with 100MB left, logs in twice at the same
>> time, he will get 200MB)
> Do you update it via a new connection or you update it
> via the same accounting connection ? If the later, could
> you share how do you do it ? 

Update using the Accounting Reply.

All my business logic is inside a perl script using rpm_perl.
(It's basically the only freeradius module I invoke).

I simply update the reply...
$RAD_REPLY{'ChilliSpot-Max-Total-Octets'} = $balancecap;

When you calculate a new "cap" just remember to exclude the current 
sessions traffic.

E.g. Client starts with 100MB and two sessions A and B
A used 20MB so far and B used 30MB.
When you send a new cap to Session A, you need to send 70MB,
i.e. 100MB - Sessions B's usage.


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