how to limiting user bandwidth by quota..

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Fri May 15 11:03:21 CEST 2009

i try to do bandwidth quota limitation like thisfirst i define the sqlcounter with attribut from ChilliSpot-Max-All-Total-Octets 
=====start code===========    sqlcounter batasquota {
        counter-name = Max-All-MB
        check-name = Max-All-MB
        reply-name = ChilliSpot-Max-Total-Octets
        key = User-Name
        reset = never
        query = "SELECT SUM(acctinputoctets+acctoutputoctets) from radacct WHERE UserName='%{%k}'"
        sqlmod-inst = sql
====end code===
then i defined the sqlcounter name in instantiate and authorize section.when i restart my radius server, the server cannot identify the attribut ChilliSpot-Max-Total-Octets, i try to find out and i know it because the attribute is not listed in dictionary, i do add the dictionary.chillispot to freeradius dictionary like this =============start code====================

#       See the 'man' page for 'dictionary' for information on
#       the format of the dictionary files.

#       If you want to add entries to the dictionary file,
#       which are NOT going to be placed in a RADIUS packet,
#       add them here.  The numbers you pick should be between
#       3000 and 4000.

#ATTRIBUTE      My-Local-String         3000    string
#ATTRIBUTE      My-Local-IPAddr         3001    ipaddr
#ATTRIBUTE      My-Local-Integer        3002    integer

ATTRIBUTE       ChilliSpot-Max-Input-Octets        1       integer ChilliSpot
ATTRIBUTE       ChilliSpot-Max-Output-Octets       2       integer ChilliSpot
ATTRIBUTE       ChilliSpot-Max-Total-Octets        3       integer ChilliSpot
=======================end code=================i restart my radius server i found this on restart 
========================start code==================Fri May 15 16:24:50 2009 : Info: Starting - reading configuration files ...
Fri May 15 16:24:50 2009 : Error: Errors reading radiusd.conf
=======================end code==================
then i try to view debug and got this message=========================start code==============read_config_files:  reading dictionary
Errors reading dictionary: dict_init: /etc/freeradius/dictionary[33]: unknown vendor ChilliSpot
Errors reading radiusd.conf
===========================end code======================
unknown vendor..?? please help me for this...clue please, so much appreciate for any reply..regard --- On Thu, 5/14/09, Ivan Kalik <tnt at> wrote:

From: Ivan Kalik <tnt at>
Subject: Re: how to limiting user bandwidth by quota..
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Date: Thursday, May 14, 2009, 4:54 PM

> thank you ahmed..which script??is that script belongs to freeradius or..
> iam using chillispot, as alan sugest me there is no specified attribute to
> do limiting bandwidth by quota,.do you know what type attribut of
> chillispot can do this??or you can give simple or detailed tutorial to do
> so please..

ChilliSpot has attributes for input, output and total octets. Have a look
in the dictionary.chillispot and in ChilliSpot documentation.You replace
Session-Timeout with ChilliSpot attribute and alter counter query to count
octets and not session time.

Ivan Kalik
Kalik Informatika ISP

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