Common error on sql_counter on Ver 2.1.5

Mauro Iorio - Smart Soft s.r.l. m.iorio at
Mon May 18 16:19:41 CEST 2009

Hi all,


I recently installed freeradius Ver. 2.1.5 and I'm trying to configure it to
work as a previous installation of  Ver. 1.1.x.

I'm stuck at sql counter module. On 1.1.x I use the common sessioncounter
counter with sql module, but with 2.1.5 I got the message "rlm_sqlcounter:
Could not find Check item value pair".

I believe the configurations are indentical for both versions of freeradius,
but I'm obviously missing something.


Can someone help me to find where can be the error? I think it's a trivial
one, but I'm stuck since 3 days.


Thank You for interest.


Mauro Iorio

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