FreeRADIUS 2.1.6 RPM's for Fedora, RHEL 5, CentOS 5

John Dennis jdennis at
Wed May 20 17:35:11 CEST 2009

The new 2.1.6 FreeRADIUS has been built into a set of RPM's for Fedora,
RHEL 5, and CentOS 5.

For Fedora the rpm's are in the updates-testing repository for F-9 and
F-10. The next release of Fedora is F-11 and is due out shortly, it is
currently in the process of being composed for release and is locked
preventing updates. F-11 still has the 2.1.3 version, but as soon as
F-11 is released and the update channel opens for F-11 I will push a
2.1.6 update for F-11. The updates will likely stay in testing for two
weeks, if there are no problems they'll be promoted to stable. Feedback
on the Fedora 2.1.6 updates is welcome, this helps determine if the
packages can be promoted to stable. Please report your experience with
the package at the Fedora updates site:

Locate the package you installed, click on it, scroll to the bottom and
add a comment.

As promised current pre-built FreeRADIUS RPM's are now available for
download on a tech preview basis, refer to the information here:

The download site is:

John Dennis <jdennis at>

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