insert something into reply message

Lajos Meszaros ludwigm at
Thu May 21 10:48:31 CEST 2009

Version 2.0.4
We use "digest" authentication. It works properly.
    (with a little problem I will ask in another thread)

The essential part of the debug:
Thu May 21 09:41:17 2009 : Debug: ++[digest] returns ok
Thu May 21 09:41:17 2009 : Auth: Login OK: [599 at<via Auth-Type = 
DIGEST>] (from client port 0 cli 599 at

The reply message get at "client" but our system expects in the
 reply the "Session-Timeout".

How to insert "Session-Timeout" into the reply message? 

I've read thoughtfully all parts of the configs where that parameter is 
I've tried many - syntactically good an bad - config line without 
any success. Have I problem with reading?

    Ludwig M.

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