Assigning IP address from RADIUS to Cisco PPTP users

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Wed May 27 01:18:01 CEST 2009

On Tue, 26 May 2009, Ivan Kalik wrote:

>> Make Sure Overide is Disabled in the ippool module..
>> e.g. # override:
>>         #       If set, the Framed-IP-Address already in the
>>         #       reply (if any) will be discarded, and replaced
>>         #       with a Framed-IP-Address assigned here.
>>         override = no
> That would be so - if the pool was defined on the radius server. But his
> pool is on the Cisco device. Most likely culprit is:

Correct, but I changed them to "no" and restarted radiusd anyway.  No 

> peer match aaa-pools

I would thnk just the opposite..."aaa-pools" should include radius defined 
pools?  Confusing anyway, since for now, we don't even want a pool for 
this particular user.  I did a "no peer match aaa-pools" anyway, but to no 

Here is how Cisco describes it:

router(config-if)#peer match ?
   aaa-pools  Use only peer pools that match AAA pools

In any case, I really appreciate it if you can at least give my radiusd 
config the thumbs up for this...I can open a ticket with Cisco TAC if so.

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