Access-request proxied, but accounting-request not proxied

Ivan Kalik tnt at
Thu May 28 23:34:16 CEST 2009

>   rlm_chap: Setting 'Auth-Type := CHAP'
> rad_recv: Accounting-Request packet from host, id=7,
> length=735
> Received Accounting-Request packet from with invalid
> signature!
> (Shared secret is incorrect.) Dropping packet without response.
> Finished request 3
> The shared key configured is one per node in both the radius and the PDSN;
> so it is difficult for me to understand this behavior. Is there any
> configuration missing?


> Is it possible that the freeradius server is not checking shared key when
> sending the access-request message to it’s destination and checking the
> key
> while processing the accounting-request?

No. You are doing chap authentication so there is nothing for wrong shared
secret to mess up. It is wrong for authentication too. Send a pap request
and see what happens.

Ivan Kalik
Kalik Informatika ISP

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