1 freeradius with 2 openldap (multi master)

François Mehault Francois.Mehault at netplus.fr
Fri May 29 15:05:43 CEST 2009

Hi All

I have one freeradius and 2 openldap (multi - master). And I want my freeradius use the second openldap if the first crash. So in freeradius I instantiate the module ldap :

Ldap ldapmaster {

Ldap ldapbackup {

And in my site-available/default I load the two modules. If my two openldap are alive, authentication succeed, but if one of them fall, authentication failed, so like this I have a « AND » between modules, and not a « OR » like I would. I don't know if I am really clear, i don't speak very well, sorry.
 So If some understand the problem that I try to describe and if you know how I can fix my problem, could you help me please ? thanks,


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