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Fri May 29 22:38:28 CEST 2009

Is there any way to setup freeRADIUS to connect to "my_db" instead of  
"radius" database?

I have setup freeRADIUS successfully to connect to a backend PostgreSQL 
database. My original TEST setup is done by following the standard 
instruction bt creating a "radius" database & "radius" role/User. 
sql.con has the following instructions,which I believe make this connection;

database   =      postgres
server       =      "pg1"
login         =      "radius"
password   =   "radpass"

When I start the RADIUS in the DEBUG mode, I see this line;

radius at pg1:/radius

and it connects & no error is displayed.


No I want to change the database to"my_db" & a Schema "radius". 
PostgreSQL is both of them created. I changed "sql.conf" to:

database   =      postgres
server       =      "pg1"
login         =      "my_db"
password   =   "radpass"

This does not work.
Is there any way to further change the freeRADIUS configuration to have 
it connect to"my_db" & "radius" Schema?

Is it possible that freeRADIUS software is hard coded that it will only 
connect to a "radius" Database with "radius" Schema?

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