Problems authenticating with freeRADIUS and LEAP

smaaland deacarlsson at
Sat May 30 22:30:26 CEST 2009


I have set up a freeradius server, which are pointed to by my Linksys
WRT54GL router. Everything seems to work with LEAP authentication, such as
radtest from localhost and also from my laptop (When router is running WPA2
Personal, and i can connect to the network). The problem comes when i switch
to WPA2 Enterprise. I try to connect with my user credentials to the access
point, and the radius server gets the request, authenricates and sends a
"Access-Accept" message back to the AP.

But my laptop never gets connected completely. It just says that it is
"trying to authenticate", and seems to send more access requests to the AP,
and the radiusserver reponds to them with more Access-Accept, but it never

I have tried with both a laptop running Linux Mint, and a macbook, and the
same thing happens at both of them.

Does anyone have an idea please?
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